Overnight in Addis Ababa

I thought that I would be sleeping on benches in the Addis Ababa airport, clutching my bags while I tried to sleep. It turns out that Ethiopian Airlines thoughtfully puts you up what is possibly the poshest hotel I’ve stayed at in my life. Giant hand carved wood furniture in all the rooms. Best Ethiopian dinner I’ve had in my life, and a guy making omlettes to order for breakfast. I killed the time comparing value systems with the evangelical missionaries also on my flight over from the states. They’re headed to Malawi, where the AIDs crisis has swelled their audiences to the tens of thousands. They’re pretty excited about this.

This morning I went for a run, got a glimpse of Adis Ababa’s corregated stainless steel fences and remembered that smell of poorly refined gasoline. As far as I can tell people in Ethopia are, pretty much gorgeous without exception, a fact which a nurse on my flight celebrated by talking about how nice it would be to adopt Ethiopian babies. White people in Africa are wierd.


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