Reading Notes: Sustainability the Dupont Way

“Sustainable Growth the Dupont Way” by Holliday et al

Sustainability is about developing new markets, they don’t open with eco-efficiency. Huh.

    Sustainability Stance: We need to go sustainable so that the world survives, but in meeting it “the motivation for any company must be improved business performance.” Companies will only be able to have a significant impact if they can be sustainable and profitable.

    Company culture/propoganda: They value health, safety and the environment. They create value through good science.  (Started as an explosives company, interesting.)


    3 Pronged Strategy

    Integrate Science– Find cross-disciplinary solutions to environmental problems.

    Examples: They are finding ways to replace petrochemical components with corn-based ones.

    Knowledge Intensity– Add “knowledge content” to products.

    Examples: Consulting rather than selling stuff. Knowledge software on running a factory efficiently, consulting on hazardous waste handling, etc.

    Productivity Improvement– Takes efficiency from operations ot strategy

    Examples: Lots of Six Sigma training for employees and resulting efficiency projects.

    Measuring Success

    Success measured in shareholder value/lb of product. This is a mesure of “knowledge intensity.”
    Driven by bundling products with services (consulting with hazmat suits, etc.) Integrating biology and chemistry will let them use more biological processes, dropping SV/lb and efficiency will also drop it.

    Business value has come from:

    • Selling Services
    • Risk reduction with fewer toxins released (risk from stakeholders?)
    • Identifying new business models (copying interface)

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