My Carbon Footprint

I also got a pretty diverse breakdown, almost entirely from air travel. 8.55 2.75 1.57

I’ll start with my homelife. 

While not ideal, it’s well below the national average. Living in the Mission makes a low-carbon homelife easy (no car, no heating or cooling, city compost, lots of great local food, etc.) I feel like I’ve been given the grace of good infrastructure, lots of people have worked hard to create public resources that benefit my carbon impact. My impact seems like it has a lot more to do with that infrastructure than anything else. It’s a little bit about the choices that I make, but it’s mostly about the choices that I make available to others. 

Unless, of course, I’m flying.

It seems remarkable that most of my lifestyle would be so trumpted by something I do once every few months. Like a lot of people here, it’s something that I would have a hard time giving up. Flying has a huge carbon cost (and a pretty significant financial cost), so what do I get in return that’s so precious? This year flying let me stay connected with my family, it let me interview at schools on the east coast, connect with some powerful lobbyists in DC and lecture at a University in New Jersey. Choosing not to fly would have meant missing a family wedding or passing up on significant opportunities to make change that I want to see in the world. If I drive I can switch to public transit, if I throw away food I can switch to compost, but being in the room with someone when it’s important to be there is very hard to replace.Any ideas on how to cut down on air travel?


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